Monday, March 29, 2010

Why I LOVE The Hunger Games

Jillian from Random Ramblings is hosting a meme in a few weeks called "show and tell" in which some bloggers have to take a snapshot of themselfves with one of their favorite books and explain why they love it. I'm going to post mine a bit early in means of 1) advertising in advance for this cool meme and 2) because I have to shorten my blurb by quite a bit, and it saddens me to cut any out cause I kinda like the finished result. 

So without further ado this is why I LOVE the book; The Hunger Games 

oh p.s please dismiss the dorky picture

My Favorite book (well one of them); The Hunger Games
    Is it really a shocker? I think the main reason this one resonates so well with me is primarily because; I’m a “daddies girl”. Now before you start labeling me as a materialistic, spoiled child let me explain why. All my life (up until a few years ago) I was a shy, awkward looking, skinny, short girl. Not to say I was an outcast, I had many friends but I was shy and much more comfortable with a good book then going to a raging kegger. Well in fourth grade, I did something totally out of character; I joined my elementary school’s wrestling team. At first I was awkward and... well shy and as soon as I got a girl down on the mat I would just sit on her, but eventually I got better and when I hit grade 7 I was already a national champion. Now before I digress to far let me explain why I joined wrestling. In grade four I was around 34 pounds and was tired of everyone telling me “good things come in small packages”, I didn’t want to be underestimated my whole life, I wanted to prove I could do what everyone thought I couldn’t. I can still remember the day I came home and told my dad I was going to wrestle, he looked at me with pride in his eyes and said “I think that’s a wonderful idea Sarah”. My dad will always be my hero for this, because he has always told me and my sister we can be classy and girly but ALWAYS be tough and don’t be afraid to conquer the path less traveled. And this is why I LOVE The Hunger Games. Katiniss is strong yet fragile, harsh yet loving, kickass (sorry for my French) character but most importantly she is willing to tackle any task no matter it’s size. We need more strong female characters like her in YA books. YOU GO GIRL. 


  1. I whole heartedly agree with you. We definitely need more strong kick ass females in books.
    It's also really awesome that you took wrestling. I've always wanted to take some boxing classes, hopefully one of these days I will.

  2. Oh my heck, I can't believe I've yet to read this series! Blahhhh I really have to now...especially after reading why you love it so much! :)

  3. Aw, love the anecdote! And I totally agree that YA needs more strong, determined females. Great pick. =)

  4. I always like hearing about personal reasons why people love or hate a book and yours it's definitely a kick ass story


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