Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book Cover News; Torment

Thanks to my lovely Twitter friends, today I discovered that the second book in the Fallen series by Lauren Kate, the first book is entitled Fallen, and the second called Torment has a cover finally!!!

Isn't it pretty?! I loved the cover for Fallen, and I love this one just as much, maybe more. I love how the writings a little bit Gothic and the old fashioned black dress, long flow-ie hair, and dreary background. This book comes out on September 28th 2010. I can't wait for this book!! I loved the first one, it was a little slow at times, but I'm excited for character backgrounds to be revealed in the second book like Cam, and Gabbie and especially Luce and Daniel. My review for Fallen is HERE.

What do you guys think of this cover?


  1. I absolutely adore this cover.

  2. I saw this and loved it...better than Fallen! I hope Torment reads better than Fallen, too! :)

  3. Lovely cover...it has a weird effect! I don't know..I find it gothic as well as soothing;almost as if being tormented and healed at the same time by the same person...

  4. Beautiful! I love it! Still have to read Fallen.


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