Saturday, March 13, 2010

Review; Covet (not YA)

Author; J R Ward

Review; 5/5

Release Date; October 29th 2009

Product Description from Goodreads

Redemption isn't a word Jim Heron knows much about-his specialty is revenge, and to him, sin is all relative. But everything changes when he becomes a fallen angel and is charge with saving the souls of seven people from the seven deadly sins. And failure is not an option. Vin DiPietro long ago sold his soul to his business, and he's good with that-until fate intervenes in the form of a tough- talking, Harley-riding, self-professed savior. But then he meets a woman who will make him question his destiny, his sanity, and his heart-and he has to work with a fallen angel to win her over and redeem his own soul.


I think it’s pretty clear, based on the raunchy cover, that this book is NOT YA, however since I haven’t been doing many reviews lately as I haven’t been reading much YA recently (due to midterms, but also because I have been wrapped up in the phenomena that is J R Ward), I decided I would do a review on Covet, a campaign series to J R Ward’s popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

In the last two weeks I have read all seven of her BDB books (including the insiders guide), and when I finished I just had to read Covet. I’ve heard mixed things about this book from reviews on goodreads, but I always have to checkout a book for myself regardless of negative reviews. And boy am I glad I did. This book was very different from the BDB series however it doesn’t disappoint for its sizzling scenes, and rough-around-the-edges characters.

The plot was original, and complex, I was surprised with the ending. There is a bit of a cliffhanger, which I usually hate, but I know the wait will be worth it for the next book. The start was a bit slow, takes about 52 pages to get gripping but from then on its all cylinders blazing.

I liked the main characters. Despite Marie-Terese umm…occupation, and the rough life she has lived, I found myself relating to her character although we have nothing in common, on the surface that it. I loved Vin; he was strong and protective and disturbed, which all make for a good read. Adrian and Eddie were a hoot, and I hope there in the next one!

I definitely recommend this read to all fans of the BDB series, and anyone looking for a paranormal romance/mystery/supernatural read. FANTASTIC!


  1. Really great review! You have convinced me to read this one. I've been wanting to read the BDB series for quite some time now, but haven't gotten the time to yet. I'm definitely looking forward to reading Ward's books.

  2. I love the sound of this one, Sarah, and you've definitely convinced me to add it to my pile! Plus, it's good to mix up what we read...and not stick to just YA alllllll the time :)


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