About Me

Age; 23

Birthday; July 3rd, 1989

Name; Sarah Violet ____

Location; Canada

Occupation; Archaeologist 

Loves; reading, relaxing, starbucks, my family, traveling, learning new things

Hates (or as my mom would say; dislikes); pet peeves, Multiple choice exams, people who leave their dogs in their cars, people who "abuse" books, public transit, exams

Guilty Pleasures; PNR books, starbucks, buying nail polish, my cell phone, sleeping in

Weird talents?; I can do the scary voice from "The House Bunny", my right thumb's double jointed, I can flare my nose

Weird Facts; I grew up on a dairy farm, I was an international Olympic style wrestler for 10 years (stopped due to injury), I can't be awake if everyones sleeping, I can't spell "definitely" (thank you spell check), to this day thinking about my dog makes me bawl (R.I.P Chancey), I don't have a tear-duct in my right eye so it waters constantly (I tell people I'm sensitive), when I was 11 my dad made me memorize random facts so he could freak people out, "This is Sarah, she knows what DNA is short form for" in case you were wondering; deoxyribo, nucleic acid...

Me, and my sister (Mehgan)

Bitterblue! Slightly disappointed in this book, 
but great author!

Starbucks. My one true love. 

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