Sunday, March 7, 2010


IMM is a weekly meme started by Kristi @ The Story Siren

I think this is a first in well.. over a year. I bought NO books this week!

1,2,3....GASP! I know I can barely believe it myself, especially considering all the amazing books that came out this week (ie, "Before I fall"). I can't believe I have slacked so much, tisk tisk Sarah.

I think this week will be a good week for me though, book wise, as there are so many good books coming out this week; The Line, Hourglass, The Sky is Everywhere, and Dread Tossed Waves (to name a few).

Leave your IMM url's below, I love to check out some of your buys this week!


And as an aside, there are contests everywhere! I'm having one (see below), my friend Amelia is having a great contest, and so is my friend Kate! Make sure you follow their blogs (their both SUPERB!).


  1. Awwww sometimes it's good to pace yourself, Sarah! When your TBR pile is too large, it gets rather overwhelming haha :)

  2. haha this is true melissa! And my TBR pile is quite large... :)

  3. Ha, I love how you call it slacking. When I go a week without buying a book I congratulate myself for exercising self control. :)


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