Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Ramblings; Book Buying

So I'm curious. What is the general view on book buying?

I have, and always will be someone who LOVES buying books. I buy books before payday, after payday, days when paydays are needed to pay bills, days when there are no paydays in sight, and everyday in between. I spend money on books regardless of my financial situation, because to me, buying a book isn't spending money. If I go to chapters and buy a couple of books and spend 50 dollars, I feel good. If I go out with friends to the movies or out for a night on the town (this rarely happens, I'm not a bar/club kinda girl) and spend 50 dollars I feel horrible, there goes money I could have spent on books!

Buying a book, is money well spent. I can justify my spending money on adding to my library, however I know to the average bystander (and my credit card limit) I am a crazy person. I blame this mentality on my father. He always said growing up, that he would support my sister and myself reading, and would always buy us books. Now, this changed when the day came when I bought books on a daily limit, but the point is my dad drilled the thought in my head that spending money on books was money well spent.

I get a euphoric high from purchasing a new book. Every time I walk into a bookstore, its like walking into a fantasy world. Each piece of literature in there is a door to a new world, and who doesn't want a pass on their own problems for a few hours to read about someone else's? My one roommate laughs at me every time the mailman drops off a parcel at our door. Without looking at the name she'll know the box is more books for me. Well someone has to keep UPS in service.

I know that library's are a wonderful thing, and they help provide the public with books who don't share in my insanity for buying books, but personally I've never really put my library card to good use. I feel like I'm cheating on my chapters, and leaving books without a good home.

I also find the idea of second hand book stores appalling. Now, I have no problem buying books cheap there, but I REFUSE to discard my books there after reading them. What if one day I want to reread a favorite passage, or read my favorite scene over again? No, this just won't do! My dad tries to talk me into selling some books to a used book store and getting some cash back, add it to my "book fund" buy some more new books, and everyone wins. I'm not comfortable with this, my books are my "babies" and there not going anywhere fast.

Do you guys agree? Or do you think spending money on buying books isn't justifiable?


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  2. I love this post! This is exactly how I feel as well. As a girl, it's pretty normal to like shopping for clothes. But like you said, if I end up spending $20+ for it, I automatically feel guilty. But with books, I never feel sorry. haha.

    When I was younger, my parents & grandparents spoiled me with a lot of books. They said this is the best type of foundation for a child to learn. I was pretty blessed, until the time came when we ran out of bookshelves and every corner of the house has a book with my name on it. My parents said, "no more buying new books." Apparently, I had to learn how to contorl myself. As a kid though, my grandparents still tried to sneak in a book or two without my parents knowing. hehehe. ;)

    Even today, my biggest reward for myself would definitely be a new book or two. It's the best :)

  3. I've been a dedicated library girl since 2nd grade but I do love to buy books as well-- just have to control the impulse.

    When I first had my own income as an adult, I bought way too many through bookclubs ect. Hubby buys books too-- mainly for all his special interests. Books were coming out of our ears! We love books but want to be able to walk through the house and have money for retirement!

    So due to the expense of books and limited storage space, I only buy books that I know are keepers-- hardback editions of books that I will read again and again. So I read from the library first.

    Sarah, I can hardly bear to give up any of my books either-- even funky old paperbacks. Never have I given up any to a used book store.

    Had to finally clean out a bit and I started passing books to other bookworms that I knew would appreciate them. I've donate some to the local library for their book fair as well.

  4. I feel the same way. I am addicted to buying books! It's the best feeling in the world. I love going to the library too though.

  5. Hey--another book buyer! I buy books all.the.time. and I was wonder, "umm, should I feel bad for doing this?!" Books just seem like, I don't know, *better* than anything else you might spend money on!
    And prett much, the only books that I get rid of are ones I don't like--but I will go to extreme lengths to rearrange my room by adding more bookshelves than to have to part with a single book I like...
    Thanks for sharing! It's so neat how in-common we seem to be :D

  6. Definitely agree with you! I still love buying books. Getting a new book is always a great way to put me in a good mood! :)


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