Sunday, May 2, 2010

IMM May 2nd

Hey Guys, I'm back!! Heres a embrassing vlog this week for you guys!

And books I forgot;

Fantasy lover, Sherrilyn Kenyon
Review- Pixie Dust, Henry Melton
Received(x4, possible contest)- Moments of Meditation, Albert Deconkey  


  1. I was always more of a Spike-Buffan shipper than Angel's! I actually didn't like him as much, haha. I liked your vlog! I always admire people who can talk without saying 'um' and 'like' all the time.. sometimes I just do that subconsciously!
    Oh and haha I hate it too when books have creases&bends like that!!

  2. Aww RIP bent book.
    This was a good vlog. :)

  3. Great vlog! I have to say that I like the idea that you are going to review adult and young adult books. At the bookstore in Amsterdam they have a whole wall with adult paranormal books, but I bought one a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't good. So I am looking forward getting some new tips for adult paranormal and just adult books. :)

  4. Great vlog! You got some good books this week and you're so pretty! :)


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