Sunday, May 9, 2010

IMM May 9th failed Vlog Attempt

Sorry Guys, this is a horrible vlog really showing nothing but I decided to put it up anyways. For some reason my computer lets me film the entire vlog and cuts off half of it when I'm all finished. So frustrating!!! Anyways the post below this one actually shows the books I got, so if you don't want to watch this minute of random ramblings you can just skip it.


  1. Hey Sarah! I love watching vlogs, because as you said it iT's nice to see how the bloggers look behind the blog, nice to finally put a face to a blog name, and it is more personal :-) (my laptop doesn't have a webcamera, so vlogs aren't in my near future)

    I really liked your rambling vlog, a pity that your camera cut it off! grr :-/

    Yes, we celebrate Mothers' Day in europe too, but depending on the country it's celebrated on a different Sunday of May: in Hungary it is the 1st Sunday of May, if I remember correctly in France it is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May, and just saw on wikipedia, that in the UK Mothering Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent (14 March in 2010), exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday.

    Hope you had a great Sunday! :-) Off to bed, it's already Monday here (0:02 am) ;-D

  2. Hi, too bad that vlog cuts of in the middle of it. We celebrate Mothersday too here in Holland. It's on the 9th of May, so exactly as in the US and in Canada.

    Yep, that's our money! I am wondering how the money in your country looks like, in Canada you pay with dollars too right?

    When are you going to Italy? That sounds so much fun!


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