Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Important to laugh at yourself every once in awhile

I thought I would take a break from my recent posts on book reviews and do a fun post about things I do that make me wonder what hair color I was originally born with. I was recently reading FaeFever by Karen Marie Moning, a series I have become slightly obsessed with this week, and there was one scene in particular I like where the main character Mac made a hat full of lights to keep away the shades (evil fairies that lurk in the dark) and ends up having a grand time;

“Hope you are quite prepared to die!” I spun in a dazzling whirl of lights, landed a killer back-kick on a phantom Shade, and simultaneously punched the magazine rack” ‘Looks like were in for nasty weather!’ “I took a swan dive at a short imaginary shade, lunged up at a taller one—
--and froze
Barrons stood inside the front door, dripping cool old-world elegance.
I hadn’t heard him come in over the music. He was leaning, shoulder against the wall, arms folded, watching me.
“’One eye is taken for an eye…’” I trailed off, deflating. I didn’t need a mirror to know how stupid I looked. I regarded him sourly for a moment, then moved for the sound dock to turn it off. Then I heard a chocked sound. He wore his usual expression of arrogance and boredom. I resumed my path for the sound dock, and heard it again. This time when I turned back, the corners of his mouth were twitching. I stared at him until he stopped.
I’d reached the sound dock, and just turned it off when he exploded.’” (Moning, 156)

I loved this scene I may have chuckled a little myself. So in the spirit of laughing at yourself every once in a while the following are some of my more recent “blond moments” (no offense to those who that may offend, hehe)

Moments I laugh about now…

·      Yesterday while I was waiting in line at the bank, I was the third person in the line before I realized I was the only person in the line with a red card. That was when I clued in that I was at the wrong bank

·      For mothers day I always make my mom breakfast in bed. This mothers day I decided that after 20 years I should probably know how to make coffee. This was an epic fail. How was I supposed to know coffee makers needed a filter? I pride myself on not being domestic

·      In the winter I mistook two parallel lines on the road, closer together than the rest of the car tracks, for those of a smart car. It wasn’t until the lines weaved into themselves that I realized this was an impossibility, ensuing my sister into a fit of laughter

·      A few months ago I gave myself a black eye for walking into the side of a door, the part that’s an inch thick. I excel at the unlikely.

·      Before my exams this year, I took one red bull, and 2 caffeine pills at 11 pm to pull an all-nighter. Not only did I get no sleep, but I got no studying done. It was that night that I discovered that that much caffeine to a petite body will only make you awake enough to play games on the computer.

·      In high school while talking about movies and how they involved literary techniques (which for the life of me I cannot remember) I was talking about the popular movie about firefighters and the perils of that job “Ladder 69” it wasn’t until the class started hiccupping in laughter that I realized it’s called Ladder 49. I think I found a new porno name.

·      I don’t fall down stairs, I fall going up them

·      At least once a week I trip. On my own feet!! It’s embarrassing but I’ve learned to laugh it off J

What are some of your embarrassing moments?

Evidence of my cackle laugh

Oh p.s do you guys like personal posts? I know most of you only come here to read book related things but I know I love reading personal things about other bloggers; it makes me feel like I know them better, which I like. Let me know how you guys feel!


  1. Oh I LOVE personal posts Sarah! Especially if they are this entertaining! :-D lol

  2. This is so funny! I've actually done quite a few of those, so you can't really blame the hair. Unless,we're both really blondes stuck in a brunette's body. :D
    The "Ladder 69" made me laugh. That one is just too funny!

  3. LOL! Great post. I fell going UP the stairs at school last year and felt like a moron, so I know how you feel about the stairs haha.

  4. I love personal posts!! I feel as if that's the one thing -- and the memes&features -- that makes the blog unique and stand out from the rest. Variety is key, as they say :)

  5. I always prefer personal posts and uncommmon memes/features-- I'm a skipper of most reviews unless it is a book I've read or it just catches my eye.

    Love this post-- I have plenty of embarrassing blonde moments but conveniently can't remember any at the moment!



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