Monday, May 17, 2010

Things That Inspire Me

Earlier today, as I sat in a local coffee shop sipping on my french vanilla, in a complete state of realization I was oddly inspired... this state of calm gave me a moment of clarification in a story I have been slowly working on. It was then that I realized that small coffee houses and simple pleasures like these stores, are one of the things that is my muse. In the spirit of my revealation, I decided this post would be dedicated to things that inspire me;

Smelly Books

I know I have talked ad nauseam about my fascination with book smells, but my favorite smell in the world is a great big, ripe, hardcover. Nothing beats the smell of an old library. I can't really explain why I am so transfixed with this, the only way I can explain it is that smells give my brain a physical reminder of a good book, making it more monumental in a sense because their is physical evidence of the written word. Does that make sense? I love smelly libraries for the same reason I love cememtries; the smell of the old books surrounding me makes me feel like I'm surrounded by other worlds and lifetimes, not that a cemetery has a smell (thank goodness) but it also makes me feel surrounded even though technically I am alone.

Coffee Shops

I'm victim to the movies and books that promote the idea that people that hang around expensive coffee and type on their laptops all day are those of the "creative" and "artsy" characteristics. When I think of coffee in big round cups, well I immediately think of old Friends episodes, but it mostly reminds me of people who are the essence of creativity and imagination. When I sit in one of these shops I always wish I had a laptop (so I can blend in) but also because I feel like I could write for hours among people who I imagine are doing the same thing on their laptops.


I'm in the feild of antiques; old houses, old bones, old cultures, old religions, and old societies. Antique things have history, and if they could talk I bet their could entertain us for a lifetime. I like carrying an old ring, or a necklace passed down through the family, it helps to remind me where I'm from and all the experiences I have experienced not only through my own life but the experience I have gained from previous ancestors and the power of their stories. Old things make me want to write new things.


I think the most important thing to remember when writing something is that you are an individual, you are your own person and because of this you have the means of greatness, no one wants to read the same book twice from two different authors. Pictures of things I love; my family, friends, places I will go to or have been to remind me that I have stories of my own that are completely different from what is already written. Someday I hope someone will tell me my stories are amazing because theres nothing else like them. What's a better compliment.


One thing my purse always has in it; a good book, and my Ipod! Music is creativity juice for the brain! Music is like a book, it has its own genre and to each's own. I like some popular music for when I am feeling in a more energetic mood and want some pop to rock out to, by my favorite genre is indie and rock/pop. Music soothes me an reminds me that these artists achieved their dreams and that means I can too!

A recent favorite is Jon Mclaughlin, he's voice and piano playing makes me swoon!


  1. beautiful, Sarah! Glad you shared :DDD

  2. That's wonderful! Music and books inspire me too :)

  3. No I totally agree with you about coffee shops -- we're both victims I guess! I too always feel like people are writing and being creative, and I always feel inspired to write as well.
    Music always inspires me as well, especially when I write. In fact, I have a "soundtrack" playlist when I work on it -- to inspire me as well.
    Thanks for sharing. Great post!

  4. What lovely inspirations! I relate to several myself--- well, all I guess, except for the coffee shop-- not any of those kind of coffee shops out here in the sticks.

  5. AMEN on smelly books and antiques :)
    I am obsessed with vintage books and old things.


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