Friday, April 23, 2010

I feel like I'm a broken record...

Once again my lack of blogging is due to, what else.... EXAMS!! I have one tonight, and two next week, then I'm done!!

Also, on a side note my friend Melissa has me guest "starring" on her Friday Fix meme. Go check it out here! I just love her blog! Thanks Melissa :)


  1. Oh, I have lots this week and next. It's like two per day until next Wednesday, so... Think about it. Your situation is better than mine :( But, yes, it SUCKS. Hope you can handle all this!

  2. Aww good luck! I already checked out the post and it was awesome :D

  3. good luck, Sarah!
    My exams are week-after-next, but I've got research papers due this week, so I know how you feel!

  4. They really do although when they're over the relief of being finished is the best feeling. Good luck to you!! :D

  5. I know how suck exams could be..but now, i really miss the exams moment when i'm continuing my masters exams (yeay!) but preparing for submitting reports and research is something really harder and scarier than exams!

    p/s: you will feel relief when it's over =)

  6. I totally agree with you exams do suck! I hate them too! Good luck on your last exam and hopefully you can go blogging again after that. I also have allot to do, today I have to finish a essay that's due Monday. :(

    I hope your weekend is awsesome!!!

  7. Hay Sarah, I Know How You Feel. Right Now There's Nothing Else Then Studying For Me Either.

    I Found Your Blog This Morning And.. Well, I'd Like To Talk To You Sometime.
    Just Let Me Know. :)


  8. What a funny picture! :) I hope they went well :)


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