Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's with the Name?

Have you guys ever wondered why "Book reviews from inside an Igloo"? Well I've decided that some people may not know this "inside joke" we Canadians are accustomed to. 

I remember a couple years ago, a friend of mine moved to the United States. When she came back, she told us how her classmates would ask her why our president was so colorful on our money, and if we used sleigh dogs to get to our Igloos? Well first of all, we don't have Presidents; we have Prime Ministers, and secondly I don't know anyone that lives in an Igloo. Maybe some natives in Alaska, but hey thats an American state. 
It constantly surprises me that so many people think Canada is this cold and isolated place. Its actually quite warm here. Today, its sunny and I am currently in a tank top and tights. Our summers even get warmer then most states in the US, but yes our winters are cold. And FYI (for your info), the beaver is not our mascot. Do any countries even have mascots? Come on this isn't high school. 

Having all this is mind, when I finally decided to man up and start my blog I knew I wanted to incorporate my personal essence, and the fact that I love books and that this was going to be a book blog into the title. It took me a long time, but eventually I settled upon this name. 
Why such the random post Sarah? Well I'll tell you why, jeez louse settle down people... The other day while I was at a meeting for my Italy trip (just ONE more month!!), they handed out booklets on traveling to another country and what to expect, and the joys of "culture shock". For those of you who don't know what culture shock is, I had no idea, it is when you experience a "shock" of new cultures and customs when you travel to a new country. In this handy little book I found this one page that made me laugh out loud in my meeting, it was embarrassing let me tell you;

See I knew I wasn't the only one who knew about this?! Did you guess understand my blog name before this? What are some "culture perceives" you deal with in your country?


  1. I'm from the southern US, and I can't count how many times I've been asked by international students (and some Northerners too) if I rode a cow to school. First off...what? If you look outside, there are cars ALL OVER the road. We're a lazy people; we don't walk anywhere if we can help it. Secondly, a COW?? Who rides cows?! Horses are transportation. Cows are...not.

    I have an idea--how 'bout I ride my cow up to your igloo and we'll hang out with Canada's mighty mascot, the beaver. :-)

  2. hehe I knew about your blog name, but hey the fact that I am canadian to must help =P

    I've been asked in world of warcraft (online video game) if I live in an igloo... yeaah of course I do, and we have internet connection in those Igloo, we are just that kool!

  3. HAHAHA its a deal!! You bring your cow, I have a few cows to.. I am Canadian after all haha!!

    Oh ya Tynga, I have wireless in my Igloo you know

  4. I live in the southern US too and I'm always afraid that people will think I'm a redneck.
    And did people miss all the footage from the Olympics? There were no Igloos in sight.

  5. But there were more moose then I ever saw in my life! lol

  6. So that is the secret behind the lovely name! LOL!

  7. Great post! I seriously thought it would be cold there in Canada, but hey I never been there.

    Well I quess when you ask people about the Netherlands, they always say hey Amsterdam, the city where you can get weed and the red light district. And people who say, they only wear these wooden clogs. Well I dont own clogs and about the city that's true, but not everyone is high on drugs. :)

  8. Well, I knew Canadians didn't live in igloos-- but I did think you were in Alaska for some reason-- not in an igloo in Alaska-- just in Alaska.

    I'm a really a Texan even though I live in Oklahoma now--- People from other countries always think Texans have oilwells in their backyards! Or that we are all cowboys--- not true, of course-- but I sure wouldn't mind having my own oilwell. ;o)


  9. I supposed the story about the name, but you found a great name! It is unique, original and funny! :-)

    I'm from Hungary, I'm used to people not even knowing where my country is (it is in Central Europe, next to Austria), but when people from the EU have no clue when we are members of the EU, I find that shocking. Our capital Budapest is always mixed up with Bucharest the capital of Romania. Some ridiculous conceptions about Hungarians? That we eat paprika in every meal and that everybody loves drinking "palinka" (kinda like the Hungarian vodka), well I hate it!

  10. Haha, great post. It's so funny the misconceptions people have about different places. I'm from Oregon, and a lot of people have no idea where that even is until I say north of California. Everyone knows where California is...


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