Sunday, February 28, 2010

Professional Blog Designs; worth it?

Recently I have been looking around the blog-sphere, and have been noticing some really amazing blogs. Most of which are handled by the bloggers themselves and designed by them, but there are also some that are professionally done by web designers. A couple of months ago I looked into getting a web designer to design my blog, it was pretty much a go until I realized I really couldn't afford it at the time (most blog designs will end up costing you min 100 dollars).
Now I know there are ways to decorate and design your blog yourself, this website has great tips for new bloggers, however I am not one of those people who are gifted with the internet. Sure I can get online and I can do my little blogging bit, but I know NOTHING about designing a blog, or 3 coloumn templates(which I still can't figure out!! URG), or any of that jazz. I have promised myself that come the summer, if I am still blogging and loving it, I will let myself invest in a proper web design.

What are your thoughts on blogs that have been personally vamped up? Like? Unnecessary?
And If any of you have your blog designed, is there anyone you would recommend?


  1. Hey Sarah, thanks so much for the comment on my blog! I always love to meet fellow book lovers and bloggers! I'm definitely a follower of your blog now... it's great!

    As far as blog designs... you can get some really cute backgrounds for free which are really easy to put on. I found mine on They have a ton of nice stuff. If you decide to get one, let me know and I can tell you how to "install" it. It's really easy.

  2. Oops, sorry, I left out a THE at the beginning of the web site. It's thecutest....

  3. Hey Sarah, this is just what I needed to read! I just spent like 5 hours trying to redesign my blog, but I don't want to $$$ for a custom one :P
    I like YOUR layout!!

  4. thanks guys!! Your right steph they do have some great backgrounds, I've had a few of them on my backdrop before, and I'm sure I will again. Thanks for the tip! :)

    I know I don't like the idea with paying either Amelia, but I'm never satisfied with my blog :P

  5. Someday I'd like to get my blog professionally designed, but for now I like how it is. I've spent hours working on my html, doing research on google and then practicing on the blog to get it just right. I think learning and knowing HTML will only benefit you in the long run, and you shouldn't feel pressured about design. Content is what matters the most.

  6. Been thinking about this too. and wondering when is the time to move to an upgraded layout. My layout is kinda boring and I would love to have a layout with tabs across the top--- bet that is expensive. Are there 3rd party templates that are free? Can they potentially have a virus?

    April is right-- content matters the most but I do admire and envy a professional layout.

  7. I just compared the above blogs-- to me they all look like pro layouts. April, you have tabs across the top--- Did you do that with html? Steph has a beautiful background and Amelia has a 3 column layout and top tabs.

    If I could make my blog look that great, I wouldn't pay a web designer!


  8. I know exactly how you feel Lesa! And I did some snooping of my own and I agree, I think April's looks professionally done, hers was actually one of the blogs I was referring to when I said some of the professional blogs looked so nice. I just wish my blog looked more coordinated and organized, I've tried to make it look better but I just don't know how! haha

  9. Well, your interesting photos give your blog pizzaz-- and I like that it is easy on the eyes and not too cluttered. There is alot to be said for that!

    I've looked at the html in my template and it looks scary! I'd hate to screw up and lose everything just to get tabs on the top-- Yikes!

  10. excellent convo starter :)

    i have had my blog done by someone else. im fine with the nitty gritties of html code but i can draw to save my life, so thats why i went to Rachel from Parajunkees view, she did the header for my blog and i love it sooooo much! if i ever want to change it i will go back to her again.

    thats the only reason though, if i could design...i would have done it myself, but im crap at pretty things hehe.

  11. Since I have learned a bit of webdesign at the university (still learning), I think I would try to do the design on my own. I would feel stupid if I payed for something that I'm supposed to have learned how to do.
    I think it's important that it isn't confusing and that it doesn't look weird if you have a smaller screen.
    A good design can catch the visitor's interest but the content is what makes the visitor stay/come back. :)


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