Sunday, February 14, 2010

IMM and Happy Valentines day !

Happy Valentines day all! I hope your valentines spoil you all with sweets! I plan on buying my valentine something super duper fabulous this year, maybe a book? (This year my valentine is myself, I was contemplating buying myself Orchids cause their my favorite and I love them, but i thought that would be a little to sad..).

This week I thought I would do a IMM (in my mailbook), hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren.

So this week I bought, "Sweet Little Lies" by Lauren Conrad. I fought myself over this purchase, I wasn't sure if it was worth buying, the first one was cute but i coulnd't justify spending the money on it, plus I hate this genre. I'm more of a fantasy lover. In the end I ended up buying it cause i got a coupon that saved me around 7 dollars.

It was a pretty slow week for me. However the week before that I went pretty crazy and bought a box full of paranormal romance books (sappy covers included), 3 Gena Showalter books, and the J R Ward boxset.
OH. P.S............... Just as I was about to finish this post, my beautiful, lovely, kind, baby sister came into my room with these.....
Yup those would be the orchids I was going to buy myself. Who needs a BF when you have such an amazing sister?! I think I'll remain unattached from now on in :) You RoCk Mehgan!!

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