Sunday, September 23, 2012

In My Mailbox/ What I'm Reading/ Weekly Favs

Hello fellow readers. It's sunday and you know what that means, In My Mailbox! Oddly I haven't bought any books this week, so instead of not posting I decided that I would blog about the books I am reading and some of this weeks favorites.

I'm still reading Shadows, by Ilsa Bick. I'm reading slow because I'm sadly a little disappointed with this book. Not because it's not amazing but because I'm so frustrated with the author! I feel like Ms. Bick (not going to assume she is or isn't married), could have gone AMAZING with this book, but places I feel she could have gone right she went left. I will do a review on the book, and the first one because I think they are still worth the read.

This week I'm also reading Crazy Sexy Diet, by Kris Carr. Kris is a cancer survivor and author of one of my fav books: Crazy Sexy Cancer. This book is all about diet and vegan living, and it makes me want to take charge of what I eat, sadly I love Starbucks to much to change I fear, but time will tell.

This week in general is a favorite because it was a no chemo week. This upcoming tuesday I have chemo again, but I had the week off which is always a plus to be feeling able to move around and read.

I also have a Pinterest favorite this week, Pinterest is a guilty pleasure and a time consumer for me. If any of you are a fan of BroTips on twitter, than you should like this BabeTip. I find it personally relevant, and I'm sure will resonate with you all as well as we all have our battles.

This weeks books. Sorry they are backwards. Macbook. 


Happy readings to you all!

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