Thursday, July 22, 2010

Updates and News!

Hey guys, I really hate how I am abandoning my blogging responsibilities and my blogger friends!! I blame it on my internet which has been on the fritz for the last few days!! Anyways I am here, and am trying very hard to maintain my blogging responsibilities! Since I missed many daily meme's this week, I am going to include a picture below of just a few books I have bought lately, some are books I received on my birthday (I got the first 8 books in the "Dark Hunter" series, and I am in LOVE!)

I have bought more then this I'm sure, however I can't find them! EKKK. This post is more so just a reminder of MY CONTEST!! And to ask you guys to keep the news going around of it, as I am probably going to be unable to "advertise" with the status of my crummy internet right now. 

Happy Readings!! And much love from Canada !

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