Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An apology because I suck...

So as you all know I am sure, I am currently in my third year of University and with the break being done I am sadly back into the swing of required readings and essays. This is my excuse for my lack of blogging, pathetic right?
Hopefully when the weekend hits I am hoping to post a couple blogs. I've managed to read some great books lately.... and therefore MUST BLOG!

Till then... Toddles & Happy Reading


  1. I'll be waiting. Final year of HS here and it sucks. Feels like all I'm doing is scrambling to finish by the deadline. Some days I really wish we had exemptions again (had them in 9 and 10) instead of 3 hour exams.

  2. Oh really? We sadly never had exemptions at my high school. But other than all the readings and such University/college life is much better


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